Cappsule is still beta software and you should not use it in production. The software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. It may kill your cat, wipe your hard drive, etc.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with kernel 4.4.0 is the only distribution supported.

The signature of each file should be checked against our GPG key which is available on the contact page.

Source code

Cappsule is under GPLv2. The source code is available on GitHub.

Virtual machines

Virtual machines are convenient for testing the project without installing it on bare metal. Don’t forget to enable nested virtualization and EPT.



Cappsule can’t be tested under VirtualBox since it doesn’t support nested virtualization.

VM configuration

user’s password is user. Please note that an OpenSSH server is listening, but only public key authentication is supported for security reasons. Feel free to change this setting in /etc/ssh/sshd_config (PermitPassword option), or write your public key in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.

Ubuntu packages

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is the only distribution supported. It may work without major modifications on other recent distributions.

A server version without GUI support is available:

GUI support

The GUI support is tricky to get right because it requires a specific setup. Xorg must be launched through X-wrapper-qubes without root privileges. Colorful borders are only available with a patched version of metacity.

Nevertheless, Cappsule can be run without GUI support thanks to the server version, or using the following command lines: